Update: Please stop emailing me that my service doesn't work because you can't change your IP and are still banned, this is a problem with your internet provider, not with the free SMS generator!

Chatroulette has introduced forced SMS verification for its users. They say this is done to prevent nudity and spam but in reality the admin makes a lot of money selling your details to advertising companies. So what happens if you don't want to give out your telephone number or perhaps you have been unfairly banned?

My Chatroulette Account Generator gives you a verified Chatroulette account which lets you bypass the Chatroulette SMS verification. Please enter the email linked to your Chatroulette account

Then  to get your new verification code (will open in notepad)

Important: You can only verify each account once, so if you are banned you will have to make a separate Chatroulette account again with a new email. I suggest using a temporary address such as 10minutemail because that way you wont get spammed.